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BA Civic & Intercultural Engagement Non-Course

UFV BA students must demonstrate and apply learning in relation to civic and intercultural engagement.

Biology (BIO)

Take advantage of the most lab-intensive Bachelor of Science with a Biology major in B.C.! Our program prepares students for professions in biology and for graduate and professional schools.

Biology/Chemistry Student Association (BCSA)

Dedicated to hosting informative events for Bio/Chem students as well as social events to increase the sense of community on campus. In addition, giving eager students a medium to develop a competitive CV by opening many doors for volunteer opportunities


The Bookstore is your one-stop-shop for textbooks, supplies, and UFV clothing and memorabilia.

Business Administration Student Association (BASA)

BASA mission is to enhance the value of the UFV’s Business Administration Programs while cultivating the personal, professional and academic success of students. BASA values Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability, Students First and Connecting at UFV.