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Academic Success Centre (ASC)

The Academic Success Centre offers one-on-one feedback on the writing that you are doing for your UFV courses and on your subject-area content.

Business Administration Student Association (BASA)

BASA mission is to enhance the value of the UFV’s Business Administration Programs while cultivating the personal, professional and academic success of students. BASA values Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability, Students First and Connecting at UFV.

Centre for Indo Canadian Studies (CICS)

The CICS is the UFV's nexus point where scholars from UFV programs, Indo Canadian community members as well as groups from all sectors of the community, and international visitors, students and scholars from India/South Asia come together.

En Route UFV

En Route UFV connects domestic and international students through tourism based off-campus travel to promote cultural awareness, education opportunities, and relationship building.

E-Sports Valley Club (ESV)

ESV aims to develop a strong foundation for competitive e-sports on campus, and build a safe and welcoming community for players.

Math and Stats Centres

The UFV Math and Stats Centres are very popular places for students to work together, get help with their mathematics and statistics courses, sign out extra textbooks, and use mathematical and statistical software.

Pre-Dental Club (PDC)

A club for all interested in pursuing a career in dentistry.

School of Business

Business is more than just numbers and charts: The School of Business prepares students for the real world, visit this page often for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and chances to network to get to job-ready by the time you graduate.

Supported Learning Groups (SLG)

Supported Learning Groups (SLG) are student led study sessions designed to help you succeed in a course, and to help you improve your study skills and become a successful student at UFV.

UFV Chandigarh

UFV Chandigarh is University of the Fraser Valley's satellite campus located in Chandigarh, India. The students have an option to enrol in the BBA, BCIS or MPDC program in India and can transfer to the campus in Canada after their first year.

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