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PacificSport Fraser Valley (PacificSport)

PacificSport is a regional sport advocacy and support organization

Peer Leader Appreciation Week (PLAW)

This organization is the central point for all events and information pertaining to the Peer Leader Appreciation Week occurring October 5-9, 2015!

Peer Resource & Leadership Centre (PRLC)

The Coast Capital Savings PRLC provides a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space where student volunteers help other students to find information, identify resources available to them, and provide peer to peer support and mentorship.

Pen & Paper Tabletop (P.A.P.T)

We aim to create a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the UFV community and to promote fellowship between students through a variety of games such as, Pathfinder (Dungeons and Dragons), Magic, card games and other board games.

Physics Student Association (PSA)

Providing community, support, and a voice for the physics and engineering students, and physics enthusiasts at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Pre-Dental Club (PDC)

A club for all interested in pursuing a career in dentistry.

Psychology (PSYC)

Psychology department information