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Athletes in Action (AIA)

Athletes In Action is an organization committed to creating the total athlete. The total athlete is someone who strives for excellence in all aspects of their life: physical, academic, relational, and spiritual.

Centre for Indo Canadian Studies (CICS)

The CICS is the UFV's nexus point where scholars from UFV programs, Indo Canadian community members as well as groups from all sectors of the community, and international visitors, students and scholars from India/South Asia come together.

UFV Circle K International Club (UFV CKI)

Circle K is the worlds largest University Service Club. UFV Circle K Club began in September, 2014. Please join us in order to offer service to UFV students, local community, and the world. Oh yeah, we have fun too!

UFV India

UFV India is dedicated to celebration of diversity of students from different countries. We provide all UFV students a platform to explore Indian Culture with enthusiasm. UFV India has been Celebrating all major Indian events like "Diwali".

UFV Sikh Student Alliance (UFVSSA)

A platform for the Sikh community of UFV to connect and help in the community

University Christian Ministries (UCM)

An inclusive community of students, centred in Jesus and called to love, serve, and participate in the life of UFV.