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School of Business

Business is more than just numbers and charts: The School of Business prepares students for the real world, visit this page often for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and chances to network to get to job-ready by the time you graduate.

Student Engagement Team (SET)

The Student Engagement Team is a group of appointed students who volunteer their time and skills to plan and execute leadership opportunities and promote development. Their purpose is to facilitate campus involvement at UFV.

Student Leadership Development

The Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP) provides every UFV student with twelve central leadership development workshops each year. By completing all of the workshops, you can receive CCR recognition!

Student Life

Student Life is dedicated to the development of students through co-curricular engagement, leadership and transitions programming. We offer vibrant out-of-class programs, activities, and services that actively engage students in the UFV community.

Student Life Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are volunteer student leaders who exemplify the fundamental values of UFV. They play an essential role in New Student Orientation (NSO) by welcoming new students and their supporters into the UFV community.

Student Psychology Association (SPA)

The Student Psych Association is for all students studying psychology at UFV. Get involved with events and connect with peers and faculty!

Student Social Work Association (SSWA)

The Student Social Work Association exists to support, represent, and advocate for students in the Bachelor's of Social Work and Diploma of Social Services programs. Join us for forums, events, and opportunities!

Student Union Society

The Student Union Society is a non-profit organization run by students and for students at UFV.

Summit: UFV Undergraduate Journal of the Arts (Summit)

Summit: UFV Undergraduate Journal of the Arts is an annual academic journal that publishes the best essays from the College of Arts, accompanied by a conference. Its editorial board is made up of arts students and a faculty advisor.

Supported Learning Groups (SLG)

Supported Learning Groups (SLG) are student led study sessions designed to help you succeed in a course, and to help you improve your study skills and become a successful student at UFV.

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