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Academic Success Centre (ASC)

The Academic Success Centre offers one-on-one feedback on the writing that you are doing for your UFV courses and on your subject-area content.

Math and Stats Centres

The UFV Math and Stats Centres are very popular places for students to work together, get help with their mathematics and statistics courses, sign out extra textbooks, and use mathematical and statistical software.

Supported Learning Groups (SLG)

Supported Learning Groups (SLG) are student led study sessions designed to help you succeed in a course, and to help you improve your study skills and become a successful student at UFV.

UFV Circle K International Club (UFV CKI)

Circle K is the worlds largest University Service Club. UFV Circle K Club began in September, 2014. Please join us in order to offer service to UFV students, local community, and the world. Oh yeah, we have fun too!