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Biology/Chemistry Student Association (BCSA)

Dedicated to hosting informative events for Bio/Chem students as well as social events to increase the sense of community on campus. In addition, giving eager students a medium to develop a competitive CV by opening many doors for volunteer opportunities

Business Administration Student Association (BASA)

BASA mission is to enhance the value of the UFV’s Business Administration Programs while cultivating the personal, professional and academic success of students. BASA values Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability, Students First and Connecting at UFV.

Chinese Student & Scholar Club

This club is under SUS and has been existed on campus over five years. The club is generally organizing events for students; bring more Chinese cultural to the community.

CreWri UFV

CreWri UFV is UFV's first student-led Creative Writing Club. We are a club open to any and all students who have a love for writing and provide, workshop series, Writer's Block Parties and live Poetry/Prose Readings.

En Route UFV

En Route UFV connects domestic and international students through tourism based off-campus travel to promote cultural awareness, education opportunities, and relationship building.

Student Social Work Association (SSWA)

The Student Social Work Association exists to support, represent, and advocate for students in the Bachelor's of Social Work and Diploma of Social Services programs. Join us for forums, events, and opportunities!

UFV Bhangra Club

UFV Bhangra Club

UFV Hip Hop Club (UFVHHC)

UFV Hip Hop Club is an inclusive student community for all things street dance.

UFV Persian Club

UFV Persian (Iranian) Club is here to share the cultural values of Iran with the UFV world. We are here with the goal of bring Iranians and non-Iranians together, and represent Persian culture to UFV community. Everyone is welcome. :)