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Accounting Students of the Fraser Valley (ASFV)

ASFV is an undergraduate student body built to assist UFV students seeking to achieve success in their career.

Association of Geography Undergraduate Students (AGUS)

GUS is an association representing the students from the department of Geography and the Environment.

Association of History Students

The Association of History Students is a Student Union Society association at UFV representing all History students including those pursuing Majors, Extended Minors, Minors, and Certificates.

Association of Sociology Anthropology Undergrad Students (SAUS)

The Association of Sociology Anthropology Undergraduate Students works to engage students in the Sociology and Anthropology community at UFV through leadership development, networking, academic pursuits, and social activities.


The University of the Fraser Valley athletic department features 140 student athletes participating on teams across six sports in the CIS and CCAA. Including basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, golf and rowing.

Biology/Chemistry Student Association (BCSA)

Dedicated to hosting informative events for Bio/Chem students as well as social events to increase the sense of community on campus. In addition, giving eager students a medium to develop a competitive CV by opening many doors for volunteer opportunities

Business Administration Student Association (BASA)

BASA mission is to enhance the value of the UFV’s Business Administration Programs while cultivating the personal, professional and academic success of students. BASA values Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability, Students First and Connecting at UFV.

Chinese Student & Scholar Club

This club is under SUS and has been existed on campus over five years. The club is generally organizing events for students; bring more Chinese cultural to the community.

Computing Student Association (CSA)

We are the Association that represents both Computer Information System students and Computing Sciences students to both the Student Union Society and the CIS Department. Come to the Student Computing Center in building D 224 for more info.

CreWri UFV

CreWri UFV is UFV's first student-led Creative Writing Club. We are a club open to any and all students who have a love for writing and provide, workshop series, Writer's Block Parties and live Poetry/Prose Readings.

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